So excited to finally have the car finished and in top notch order.

Needs an OE ralliart front lip.

Spent 15 dollars on a mount and an obd2 Bluetooth adapter for my phone to run the torque app with the MUT V2 plugin. Pretty cool and useful piece of kit for super cheap.

Gnarly skid plate, but it’s a pain to get off and on unless you have two people and a lift.

Knocked out all new fluids and fixed an oil leak.

Thanks to the guys at kozmic I was able to hook the car up and print a new state inspection no problem. So it’s all road legal as far as the state is concerned.

Mambo’s to celebrate.

Made the final step by adding new front lower control arms and dialing in the suspension. Took hours of road testing and lots of compromise on ride height (in order to keep up on the mean streets and keep it a functional and fast street car). Still dig the look and will eventually replace the 35 series tires with a taller setup.

Found some old mufflers in the garage, so I threw them on my buddies Subaru.

Gonna try to find a couple cars to hit the street soon and put the go-pro to work.

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Sunday coffee.

Went to get coffee one Sunday downtown and sure enough there was a small meet that happened to be taking place on that particular street. I asked one of the photographers if they met there regularly and he was quick to dismiss myself and seemed flustered by my asking so I left him in peace. Not wanting to get in the photographers way or harass too many of the owners with random questions, I decided to snap a few pics with my cell phone since it was such a cool and random encounter. Here are said pictures

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