Parts Incoming!

Ksport coilovers are ordered and on their way!


So much excitement about my new GT PRO setup! These were highly recommend by David at Kozmic. The lancer will finally have a competitive suspension system worthy the rest of the work put into the car. This combined with the BBS wheels and the right set of tyres will make the Ralliart 100 percent balanced.

I also got some cool center caps from BBS to go with the wheels. The factory black and silver just didn’t seem to do the wheel justice so I got some sweet red and gold caps which are also in the mail.


Here’s a stock photo of the caps from the site they were purchased. This will add a little aftermarket style to the oem look. My overall dream of having the car look aggressive with an oem plus style exterior while having everything serve a functional purpose is coming to a close. But it’s not the end for the sportback. On the contrary it’s the very beginning. I plan on driving it for a long time until it’s time to lay the car to rest. In fact the real reason I started this blog is to document it’s competitive bouts whether they be on the street or the track.

The next update will be with the coils, wheels, and tyres ON THE CAR! (Screams inside with excitement)

Until next time!